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You've created a brand that has the potential to reach a lot of people and do good! But the friction on your website is clamping down on your growth. Let's change that today.

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When websites perform like leaky buckets, most brands solve for growth by driving even more traffic. We turn this inefficient model on its head by getting more out of your existing traffic.

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The best time to get a customer to buy more is after they've just bought. We'll help you drive more revenue per customer by maximizing the number of products they purchase per order.

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is one of the most critical capabilities eCommerce brands need to reach the escape velocity.

As the cost of traffic goes up, sending more traffic (AKA prospects) to your store isn't enough, you also need a plan to convert prospects and generate the maximum value per conversion. 

We'll analyze your store's UI and website interaction data and highlight tailored CRO opportunities for you to a/b test.

Book an audit today to discover how to turn your store into a well-oiled conversion machine and unlock more revenue!

The CRO audit will help you:

- Improve conversion rate
- Increase average order value
- Increase ROI from paid advertising
- Boost brand perception
- Decrease bounce rate
- Decrease abandoned carts


Brian — CEO of RestoraPet
Working with Amara and the Fantastic Funnels team has been phenomenal! They communicate well and I'm very pleased with how they think outside the box!
Prithvi — CEO of Sentiment Search
Fantastic Funnels played an instrumental part in helping us figure out our conversion killers. I appreciate their customer-centric and data-driven approach to CRO audits.

Case Study

We helped RestoraPet 3x their revenue by removing the friction in their checkout process. 


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Abandoned Cart Rate

What is CRO?
Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the practice of increasing the percentage of users who perform a desired action on a website. In e-commerce, the desired actions can include:
  1. Filling out an email capture form
  2. Clicking ‘add to cart’
  3. Proceeding to checkout
  4. Purchasing a product
  5. Adding more products to the cart 
  6. Becoming a monthly subscriber

This audit will provide insights to increase any of the above-desired actions relevant to your eCommerce store's success.
Do I really need this service?
If you're looking for opportunities to improve conversions on your e-commerce store, the answer is yes.

No matter how well your website is performing, there's always room to improve your conversions.

Amazon, the largest company in the eCommerce space, isn't resting on their laurels when it comes to CRO, and neither should you - they run ~2,000 CRO experiments per year.

This service will help you build a solid pipeline of CRO ideas to test. By a/b testing these ideas and implementing the winners, you can double or triple your website conversions within 6-12 months.

Here's a quote from Jeff Bezos on experimentation: "Our success at Amazon is a function of how many experiments we do per year, per month, per week, per day.
How does the process work?
  1. Select your package and place an order.
  2. Check your email inbox to review and complete the onboarding form we sent you.
  3. The team will work on your brief and get in touch if we need more details.
  4. Once we finish the audit, we'll deliver the results via email in a PDF attachment.
Where do you look for CRO opportunities?
Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the areas where we look for CRO opportunities:
  1. Unique Selling Points & Value Proposition
  2. Strength & Positioning of Calls To Action
  3. Site Speed
  4. Traffic Sources
  5. Navigation, Filtering & Search
  6. Product & Category Level Analysis
  7. Device Breakdown
  8. Homepage
  9. Product & Cart Page Format
  10. Checkout Flow
  11. Social Proof
What's included in the Heatmap and Google Analytics analysis?

We'll analyse your click and scroll heatmaps to gain qualitative insights into how your prospects interact with your website and where they encounter friction.

Google Analytics (GA)

We'll check that your GA account has been set up correctly before conducting any analysis. If it hasn't, we'll let you know what changes to make to ensure the data you're collecting is accurate.

If your GA account set-up is correct, we'll analyse the following GA reports below. This analysis will provide quantitative insights into how your prospects interact with your website and where they encounter friction:
  1. Checkout Funnel Report
  2. Goal Flow Report
  3. Content Report
  4. Browser Report
  5. Site Search Report

Once you've selected and paid for your package, we'll send you instructions for granting us access to your account(s).
What if I'm not happy with the audit delivered?
Our success means happy customers, and if you're not 100% satisfied with the ideas we deliver in the audit, neither are we.

Simply contact us within 5 days of delivery to resolve the issue. If we can't resolve it to your satisfaction, we'll give you a full refund.
Can you also implement the CRO opportunities on my website?
Absolutely, we can help you with the implementation! We'll connect you with one of our vetted UX/UI designers who can help you turn the CRO audit opportunities into website changes.

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